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Ebbers Metalworks B.V. produces high-quality products for the agricultural sector. Agricultural products for third parties are being developed and produced, as well as products that are marketed by Ebbers Metalworks on their own account. For example, stable equipement such as Proline yard scrapers, the patented anti kickbar QRS®, the well-known standard anti kickbar and the high-quality drinking nipples for both pigs and cattle. These products find their way via Ebbers Metalworks’ own sales organization to distributors in Europe and on all the other continents. Export is becoming an increasingly important distribution channel. A few well-known examples of agricultural products for third parties are: customized stainless steel calfpullers, cow lifts, automatic closing gates, one-cow feed boxes and automatic medicinal dosing devices for cows.


Ebbers Metalworks is developing and producing this kind of products exclusively and ready to sell for these customers, and also these products find their way to national and international retailers. These customers have come to appreciate the employees of Ebbers Metalworks B.V. as people who are involved, enterprising, and are making innovative contributions, and on top of that are doing their work with a high degree of perfection. 


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