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Boot cleaner


Hygiene is very important in the dairy farming. If there is good hygiene  you have clean, fresh food and a clean milking parlor. Avoid, that you takes from the dirty cow barn with your Schoes or boots  manure residues and bacteria to the feed alley and milking parlor.  You do this by a simple, rapid and proper cleaning of your boots.


Ebbers Metalworks has developed the “Boot-Jet”  boot washer,
designed to mount between animals. To be mounted where you walk from a filthy area to the clean area like feeding passage an milking parlor.


• Proper cleaning, specially designed with powerful water jets (Boot-jet)
• The shape of the hood in the combination with different waterjets ensures clean boots.
• Quick clean, in one easy foot motion.
• With clean boots on feeding table, milking area etc.
• Self cleaning design, thanks to open bottom construction.
• Ergonomic posture during cleaning.
• Brushless, for the best hygienic and economic solution.
• Maintenance free.
• Long product lifetime, due to using high quality stainless steel.


Specially designed for installation in the animals environment:
• In stainless steel.
• Robust, can withstand heavy loads.
• Ideal in free stall dairy barns.
• Rounded edges, safe for livestock.

Product number:  19.10.220
Weight:                  6,2 kg
Size:                      25 X  32 X  38 cm (L X W X H)
Delivery:                a piece, or 27 pieces / pallet
Material:                Stainless steel hood and pipes,
                              spray nozzles nickel-plated brass (Boot-jet)
Connection:          ½" with male connection from top, to a water circuit        minimum 3 bar.
Montage:               Suited for wall or pipe mounting.


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Watch the video for a practice film of the boot cleaner:

Click here for the flyer. Boot cleaner.pdf