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Grid wals

With the unique rolling-gliding principle of the electric Grid WALS, you will improve the hoof health of your cows through good hygiene in the cowshed.

Rolling-gliding principle: The unique rolling-gliding principle breaks down the manure and presses it directly through the gaps in the slatted floor with vertical pressure. Even dry and thick manure is processed by this roller without difficulty. With two blades in front of the roller, the raised ridge behind the cubicle is scraped perfectly clean. The disc behind the roller ensures a perfect end result!

Electrically driven: All Grid WALS machines are completely electrically powered. Its electrical drive makes the Grid WALS quiet and economical.

The electric Grid WALS with its unique rolling-gliding principle ensures excellent hygiene in the cowshed under all weather conditions.

Ebbers Metalworks offers you the choice between three different models. With the entry-level Compact you can press the manure into the pit without any fuss, the Scarab is even more user-friendly, and while the Spreader cleans your grid floor, it also spreads a perfect cubicle bed for your cows.

For more information and technical details of the Grid WALS, please download the product folder of your choice below:


   Grid wals Compact               Grid wals Scarab             Grid wals Spreader


Also view a video of the Grid WALS Scarab and Spreader in action.