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At the time when Ebbers Metalworks B.V. was building its new, modern and stylish industrial premises, it had also taken over a family business in the same area. As of mid-1998, Ebbers Metalworks has been developing, producing and supplying - as sole supplier of metal dustpans in the Netherlands - several hundred thousands of dustpans per year to the well-known chain stores, wholesalers and professional cleaning companies in the Netherlands and abroad. This production process is almost completely automized, with machines that were developed with the help of the people of Ebbers Metalworks. The integrated, ultramodern powder-coating line provides the metal products with a protective layer in the desired colour. Upon request, the products can also be automatically labeled, provided with bar codes and customized product descriptions. Mass products, that are being produced with full precision, a high degree of finishing and a quality guarantee, and finally are being delivered punctually.


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