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Industry & supply

Industrial deliveries have always been strongly interwoven with the organisation of Ebbers Metalworks B.V. On its automatic lathes and punching machines a large range of products and semi-finished products out of steel, brass, copper, stainless steel and special types of steel are being produced; after which the products are being finished, if desired powder coated and/or galvanized, assembled, packed and shipped. Automatically turned products for the food processing industry, the agricultural sector, and a large diversity of products for various industrial applications. A large number of punching machines, provided with automatic feeding equipment, are producing a variety of products in small, large and massive-size series on a daily basis. An important group of customers is formed by the heating-radiator industry. For this purpose Ebbers Metalworks has designed and built specific machines, which have optimized the production of this kind of products. Each year Ebbers Metalworks supplies many millions of cut metal wares to the international clientele in the radiator industry, which products, if desired, can also be processed automatically, by means of the PaSs® system developed by Ebbers Metalworks.


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