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Tool shop and punch manufacturing:
The tool makers' shop of Ebbers Metalworks B.V. is equipped with modern (CNC) machines that are programmed by 3 CAD/CAM systems with 3D software.
Ebbers Metalworks only works with machines from well known top brands, such as Micron, Fanuc, Charmilles, Jones & Shipman, and Behringer. In the tool makers' shop at least 5 new products are being developed every year, both for 3rd parties and products marketed by EM itself.
In order to achieve this, the above-mentioned machines are operated by highly educated employees.
The production department is specialized in assembled products as well as single products, with production methods being automated to a large degree by the employees involved.
The tools, or punches if you want, that are manufactured by EM are often CNC processed by means of turning, milling, profile grinding and spark erosion.

Automatic curving machines:
The automatic lathe department at Ebbers Metalworks organized according to the "lean production" principle. This has resulted in a department with 7 elite machines of the renowned Traub brand, that run almost unmanned with your order being completely processed by only 1 employee, from drawing to shipment. This method increases the commitment of the employee and as a result calamities and product loss are reduced to a minimum.
This was also made possible due to the fact that the CNC machines and the curving machines are all equipped with rod-guide loading storage.
The CNC machines are equipped with dialog controls and are also controlled by a 3D CAD/CAM system.
The automatic lathe machines are centrally located, and so almost literally creating an axis within Ebbers Metalworks. In this way the various departments can be provided with parts quickly and adequately.
An Abus crane track over the entire department ensures that the materials are delivered directly from the truck to the right curving machine.
Via roller containers the produced parts are transported to a finishing department, where burrs and coolant are removed and the product is finished in accordance with the client's requirements.


Punches and presses:
The punch department has 17 punch presses on a floor space of 1800 m2. The presses can punch any punch product you might desire with a press capacity of 100 KN to 1250 KN and a volume capacity of 220 pieces per minute.
Ebbers Metalworks works exclusively with presses made by West-European manufacturers in order to be able to guarantee the quality and to react quickly in the case of calamities.
Ten of these punch presses have been equipped with feeding devices capable of feeding hardware material of for instance 200 x 5 mm or 300 x 0.4 mm and 10 x 0.8 mm. This material can be uncoiled and straightened, with coil measurements of Ø 1500 x 300 mm. The maximum coil weight is 2.5 ton.
Five punch presses are equipped with devices to stack, process, deburr, automatically "handle" products from press to press and install plastic parts via so-called vibratory hoppers, etc.


Finishing department:
When the parts have been punched/turned/sawed, they often receive a finishing treatment such as barrel-deburring, washing and/or powder coating. Ebbers Metalworks has 3 Rösler deburring barrels at its disposal, 2 of them with a wet process for stainless steel and 1 with a dry process for roto blasting of steel. These machines all have a volume of 400 liter and can separate automatically.
Many of our products are used in the agricultural and food sectors and that's why we have a well-equipped department in which the parts are cleaned. We can also hot-dip galvanize the products and/or powder coat them in any desired color at our plant.


Powder coating, sticker labelling, packaging:
The powder-coat line at Ebbers Metalworks is fully automated and equipped with a very modern Fanuc robot for the so-called "hanging and pick-up" of the products from the transport line.
This powder-coat line has been designed to high-speed powder coat products with a maximum size of 500 x 500 x 200 mm and a maximum weight of 16 kg.
A welding robot has also been incorporated in the powder-coat line, initially for EM products only, but now many other products go through this line in order to meet our clients' demands. One of the main advantages of in-house coating is that your products don't have to be transported to some extern place, thus strongly reducing any product loss and, even more important, the quality guarantee that both you and we value, remains the responsibility of one party.
At the end of the powder-coat line labeling machines are installed to provide your products with (barcode) stickers.
In less than 20 minutes, a product is robot welded, degreased, phosphated, dried, powdered, hardened, provided with a barcode sticker, picked-up by the robot, stacked in a box, and placed on a euro-pallet.


Assembly and final check:
Often we assemble the finished products to a complete end product. For this purpose we have a modern assembly department with a PLC-controlled riveting machine, a PLC-controlled glue automat, rollerbranding machine and a range of compressed-air screw drivers, electronic and pneumatic testing apparatus and of course mechanical-electronic testing and measuring tools.

Of course all departments need to be fed with the right materials in the right sizes and at the right time. To achieve this we have a number of modern machines at our disposal, such as a crane track, fork lifts, roller containers, so-called gitter boxes, an angle bender, shears, automated sawing machines, et cetera.


On your request we can send you a reference list of our relations.


Ebbers Metalworks B.V innovative in metal, from idea to complete end-product.