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Product development & toolmaker’s shop

The very realization of product development and process innovation occupies a major place at Ebbers Metalworks B.V. R&D is not only possible due to the fact that a very well equipped tool shop is available, in which continuous investments are being made, but mostly because of the combination of the people who operate the machines with skill, expertise and professional improvisation. The involvement of the people almost always leads to ideas and designs being improved, which - of course always in close consultation with the customer - are then combined to a new or renewed customized product. Ebbers Metalworks develops and makes all tools in its own tool shop: from the idea, though drawings and punch equipment, to the final product. The toolmaker himself makes the first trial series, if necessary makes adjustments to the punch, before he decides to start the final production of the client’s order. This has a positive influence on the quality of the product and almost completely prevents product losses. In this way we can guarantee our clients the best possible quality and almost no downtime during production.