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Ebbers Metalworks BV

Logistiekweg 24
7007 CJ Doetinchem

The Netherlands

tel: +31 314 368484

fax: +31 314 368480

Commercial Register Arnhem 09066488

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Smart guys

Smart guys

We are 22 smart guys and girls on the Logistiekweg in Doetinchem (the Netherlands). We develop ideas, products and tools that help people to be more productive at work. That makes employees happy and organizations successful. We love complex questions and value customers with particularly high demands. Creativity, technological knowledge and modern machinery are our most important pillars.


Smart guys, metal solution. That's us.

Herberth Aaldering


+31 314 368488

Remco Berendsen

Sales engineering

+31 314 368487

Jeannette Mullink


+31 314 368484

Jos Heuvelink

Business office / purchasing

+31 314 368494

Herralt Ebbers


+31 314 368484

Marten Buiter


+31 314 368496

Tonnie Ebbers


+31 314 368484

Marc Schut


+31 314 368484

Luuk Ebbers

Managing board

+31 314 368486

Helmer Ebbers MBA

Managing board

+31 314 368482




Machines en afdelingen

Pressing and punching

The punching department has more than 20 punch presses on a floor area of 1800 m2, making it the largest department. The presses can punch any desired punching product for you with a press capacity of 10 Ton to 200 Ton and a volume capacity of up to 220 pieces per minute. Our smart guys only work with presses from Western European manufacturers to guarantee quality and to respond quickly in emergencies.

Of these punch presses, 10 are equipped with straightening / supply equipment, which can supply material of, for example, 200 x 5 mm. or 400 x 0.4 mm. and 10 x 0.8 mm. This material can be unwound and aligned with coil dimensions of Ø 1500 x to 400 mm. The maximum coil weight is 2.5 tons. 5 punch presses are equipped with equipment for stacking, processing, deburring products, automatic "handling" from press to press and assembling plastic parts by means of so-called vibratory fillers, etc.

Welding department

In our welding department we can create any common welding connection (MIG / MAG / TIG). With the Fanuc welding robot, large series can also be realized in an instant, an additional advantage of robot welding is the constant welding quality. No welding setup is too complex with the help of two large welding tables and the accompanying clamps.

Post-treatments such as pickling and polishing of the welded joints are carried out indoors.

Steel frames for large electric vehicles and the serial welding of thousands of stainless steel products are the order of the day.

lasafdeling bewerkt.jpg
Kantbank bewerkt.jpg

Other metal


5 sawing machines (with automatic feed) 2x band saw 3x circular saw, plate shears, SAFAN press brakes, including 110 Ton and a 25 Ton E-Break. Bendhor horizontal press brake. Plasma cutter. Handling robot, pick and place unit. 6 drills including Douna radial, Inox wire tap machines, Alzmetall column drills. Various belt sanders.


When the parts are punched / sawn / edged / welded, they usually receive a finishing in the form of drum deburring, washing and / or powder coating.

Ebbers Metalworks has 4 deburring drums up to 600 liters and can separate automatically. Some of our products are used in the food industry and that is why we have a special department where these products undergo a cleaning treatment. We can also galvanize the products and / or powder coat the color of your choice in our company.

Trommels berwerkt.jpg
Poedercoatafdeling bewerkt.jpg

Powder coating

The Ebbers Metalworks powder coating line is fully automated and equipped with a Fanuc handling robot for the so-called "hanging and collecting" of the products from the conveyor.


This powder coating line is built for products with the maximum dimensions of 500 x 500 x 200 mm. and with a maximum weight of 16 kg. can be powder coated at high speed.


Labeling machines have been set up at the end of the powder coating line to provide your products with (barcode) stickers.

Assembly and final inspection

Produced parts are often assembled by us into a complete end product. For this we have a modern assembly department in-house, which is equipped with a PLC controlled riveting machine, PLC controlled glue machine, roll marking machine, and a variety of compressed air screwdrivers, electronic and pneumatic test equipment and of course mechanical-electronic test and measurement tools.

Inpakken bewerkt.jpg
Gereedschapmakerij bewerkt.jpg


The Ebbers Metalworks tool shop is equipped with modern (CNC) machines that are programmed from 3D CAD / CAM systems. Ebbers Metalworks only works with machines from renowned top brands. Hermle, Micron, Charmilles, Jones & Shipman, Donau and Behringer, among others. The 3D software from EdgeCam / vision takes care of the control of the CNC machines.

Product development and prototype construction

Ebbers Metalworks develops a wide variety of products. For example special tools, smart devices for the agricultural sector, stainless steel clips for (greenhouse) construction and transport wheelchairs for airports.


Our smart guys construct with the Geomagic 3D Design drawing program and the entire machine park of EM for the construction of physical prototypes is at their disposal. More important, our smart guys have very broad experience in product development, the process and the application of the right materials.

Productontwikkeling bewerkt.jpg
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