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Manufacturing industry

Metal parts, semi-finished or complete composite products. We supply metal solutions. According to your specifications and with the guarantee that it fits seamlessly into your own processes. Agreed!

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Products for third parties

Whether we are allowed to make 25 completely assembled transport wheelchairs for a local customer or whether we have to realize the worldwide shipping of our welded products, our smart guys will make them like it is nothing. We ensure that you get the most out of the market with your products.


Die-cutting products

The punching of thick materials from coil is our strength, however we also produce in stainless steel 316 of 0.8 mm thick. We also process material coils of 400 mm wide with a thickness of up to 6 mm into super tight products. Naturally supplied fully automatically and, if necessary, removed with a handling robot. About 15 presses up to 200 tons are ready for you with a maximum of 220 strokes per minute.


The great thing is that we always construct the necessary punching tools ourselves in our own tool shop, so the lines are short!

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Industrial supply

Millions of products leave our factory with our customer's name and logo. As an 'Original equipment manufacturer' (OEM), we produce high-quality products for global players such as PURMO (Radson) and DAF Trucks. We would be happy to discuss the technical design and delivery specifications with you.

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Stansproducten 1

Products for third parties


Producten voor derde
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Fall protection

Leon Pelgrim developed a smart mounting solution for products on roofs during his HBO Mechanical Engineering education. Constructional security and a good waterproofing detail are the most important product specifications.


Pelgrim asked Ebbers Metalworks to think along with some prototypes. The prototype was further developed together with Ebbers Metalworks and made suitable for production. The range of products has now been expanded and we have been supplying numerous semi-finished products to Pelgrim Safety bv for years.


Calf puller

We have been making calf pullers for Vink Elst BV since the 1980s. The idea for a smart device that makes it possible to bring a calf into the world in a very easy way, has been developed into a perfectly working device and is market leader in the agricultural sector for decades.


Every year, thousands of calf pullers leave the Ebbers Metalworks building with the same solid quality!

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Die-cutting products




A "double folded stainless steel 316 clip" was roughly the assignment for the construction of a punching tool.


During the 3-D drawing of the tool, the toolmaker invented that the double execution of the clip production will improve the stability of the punching process. An additional advantage is of course double production in the same time.


Our 100 Ton Muller CNC automatic punching machine effortlessly processes the stainless steel 316 strip steel (68x0.8) with more than 100 products per minute.


Meanwhile, the 10-step tracking / cutting / bending die of punch has already punched more than 10 million clips that Wienerberger BV has incorporated into their durable jointless walls.




For the fan heaters from Kampmann GMBH, we punch 20,000 to 30,000 ventilation grids annually.


First of all, the results are punched from the coil with an automatic feeder. A second molding punch sets the slats at the desired angle and then forms the ends more than 90 degrees by means of bender technique.


As a finishing touch, the ventilation grids are provided with an even powder coating layer and are assembled per set with mounting material in a special box for a'always delivered on time delivery in Lingen Germany.


Technische toelevering

Technical supply


Radiator parts

For decades we have been the OEM supplier for radiator factories in Western Europe. Die-cut supply parts such as wall brackets, lugs and distance pieces are always delivered on time in accordance with strict quality requirements. We have already been able to supply more than 150 million die-cut welding strips to Caradon Stelrad / Henrad.


We have also developed a special hanging strip on which the radiator hangs during the powder coating. After a search for the right material (thermally resistant spring steel), we have constructed a special punching tool. This 1 on 1 solution has now been included in the production process at Brugman radiators.


Base plates

Nedap has brought back the production of their detection gates from China to have them produced again in the familiar east of our country at Ebbers Metalworks.


Our smart guys took on the challenge of pressing the 5 mm thick base plates instead of lasering. This increases the production speed by more than 500% with the result that we can compete with the eastern side of the world!


After punching, the base plates with the uprights are assembled on our welding robot and the finishing touch takes place in our own powder coating department.

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