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Sometimes it is the market that demands innovation, sometimes it is just a good invention. Many innovations often arise from frustration about poor quality or usability. We develop and make high-quality products for the agricultural sector and the household sector. Some products are so unique that they are patented.


Quality products


Metal dustpan and brush


Clean cows

Over the past 50 years, we have already produced more than 1 million Kick stops. In addition to this wonderful invention, we have developed many more smart tools for the dairy farmer for retailers in USA, Ireland, Australia, Germany and 15 other countries. Quickly view all agricultural products from Ebbers Metalworks.

Never again a dustpan without a brush because of the magnets that hold the brush. Ingenious, simple and handy. Did you know that we still perform 36 fully automated operations before this product leaves our factory? Almost completely automated, because we always perform a final visual inspection to guarantee the intended quality. Each dustpan passes through our hands. To then have a sustainable long and happy life as a dustpan and brush in thousands of households.

With the electric grid WALTZ you improve the claw health of your cows through good hygiene in the cow shed. The unique roller-scraper principle breaks the manure and pushes it directly through the gaps in the grid floor into the cellar. This ensures a perfectly clean stable!

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