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Dustpan with brush

Ebbers Metalworks is the only manufacturer of dustpans and brushes in the Netherlands. Hundreds of thousands of dustpans and brushes in any desired color are produced  by means of a fully automated production process. These dustpans and brushes find their way to the end user by wholesale and retail.

Blixs & brooms.png

Dustpan Blixs: First of all, it stands out because of its modern trendy design. We succeeded in making a functional dustpan that pleases the eye. If you grasp the dustpan, it immediately feels good thanks to the ergonomic integrated hand and finger grip. Due to this integrated constructional shape, the BliXs is extremely strong and the handle simply cannot break off. The large thumb hole ensures that the BliXs lies firmly in the hand and is highly suitable as a hanging hole, both for the consumer and the retailer. Due to its special design, it is remarkable that the volume of the Blixs is larger than the regular dustpans. Due to its friendly appearance , the BliXs with rubber strip is even a nice accessory for every household.

BliXs MaG: We are able to supply a matching brush to this trendy dustpan. Not a normal brush but a so called “magnetic brush”. At the back the brush is equipped with two round magnets. In this way it is convenient to hang the dustpan and brush as a set. This set is a cracking combination with a durable quality erasure.

BliXs Senze: Instead of a colored coating, it has a protective Sendzimir zinc layer and is extremely suitable for use in the garden. Due to the lack of the powder coating process, the BliXs Senze has a very good price / quality ratio.



More product information can be found using the icons below the photo!

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Dustpan 85 can be ordered from 600 pieces in the colours gray and white, any desired colour is available from 2400 pieces.

More product information can be found using the icons below the photo!

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