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Thanks to our "own" products, we have a lot of experience and expertise in the manufacturability of your product. As a customer you can use this knowledge and experience! Our R&D supports you with your idea or development of existing (re-engineering) and new products.


Every request for a custom punch or tool makes our smart guys think: Can this be done smarter or more efficiently in your production process? You will receive your tools according to specification, but we may come up with an even better solution together. If required, we not only supply the tools, but also get to work with them ourselves.


Productontwikkeling bewerkt.jpg

Product development in co-partnership

As your partner and / or co-engineer, we are at your side and unburden you from idea to end product. We visualize and communicate your engineering wishes with 3D images (renders) and technical drawings. Where useful or necessary, we print a first model. You will of course be continuously involved in the entire engineering process. And once the prototype has been approved by you, we can proceed to the production and possibly, assembly of your product. 

Easy right?

Toolmaker shop

Ebbers Metalworks has given its tool shop its own look by naming it through Punchplus. Punchplus is 100% affiliated with Ebbers Metalworks and operate from the same business premises, they reinforce each other on a daily basis. What possibilities can PunchPlus offer you? 



Ebbers Metalworks develops a wide variety of products. For example special tools, smart devices for the agricultural sector, stainless steel clips for (greenhouse) construction and transport wheelchairs for airports.

Our engineers construct with the Geomagic 3D Design drawing program and the entire machine park of EM for the construction of physical prototypes is at their disposal. Even more important is the extensive work experience of our employees in the field of product development, the process and the application of the right materials.


Example of product development


Image: thin support for bicycle basket on sports bike


Product development


Example of product development











Image: Spacer voor desk


To find out whether we can do more for you, please feel free to call Ebbers Metalworks. We can often indicate in an initial meeting whether we can be of service to you and are happy to share our experience and continuous drive to improve products and processes. Call +31 314 368484 or email your question to info@ebbersmetalworks.

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